Google Ambush Reviews: Keyword Research Tool

December 30, 2008

Let’s face it, keyword research can make or break your online marketing efforts. For my money it’s the most important aspect of putting a profitable PPC marketing campaign together. The problem is, there are too many ways to get off track when it comes to keyword research. All you have to do is head down the wrong keyword research path, and you’ll have a recipe for failure in your PPC campaign.

With Google Ambush you can eliminate literally all your risky keyword research pit falls with the keyword research tool. Imagine having a tool built right into the software program that will go out to the search engines and collect all the keywords based on your keyword phrase? And I know you might be thinking that the Google keyword tool will do the same but keep reading…

When you click on the “Keyword Research” tab in Google Ambush, there are 4 links:

·         Search

·         Saved searches

·         Spy tool

·         Video

When you click on the search link, a window opens with an empty field so that you can enter a keyword or phrase. After hitting the submit button, the software links with Google and delivers 200 (you could get more or less, it’s up to you) of the top keywords for the keyword or phrase that you entered.

The search link also has some additional benefits that allow you to further define and zero in on a tight group of keywords. The filter within the search link will allow you to do the following:

·         Put the keyword in the front or the rear of the phrase

·         Remove phrase…like the word “free”

·         Remove phrases with number of words.

·         Show only phrase containing specific words

With the ability to place the keyword in the front or the back of your phrase and being able to eliminate specific words will save you time, money and aggravation. And with the ability to have keywords with the exact number of words and containing specific words will allow you narrow your list down to the best possible keywords for the product that you’re looking to promote.

Within in the keyword research tool there is also a “Google Keyword Tab” that will provide the following information:

·         Competition

·         Position

·         Popularity

·         Highest month

·         Average CPC

After you have your list of keywords, you can click on the Google Keyword tab and you can access information from competition to CPC. It will also give you the position of that keyword as well as the popularity and the highest month according to searches.

The neat thing about that is you can really zero in on hot niches. For example; let’s say you were in the “piano lesson” niche. Under the Google Keyword Tab link, it will tell you that the months with the most searches are in the summer months and during the holidays. Just think what having that information can do for you with your keyword research?

Another great feature that I forgot to mention about the Google Ambush product is that you can click on a keyword in your list and it will take you out to the search engine with all the ads that are bidding on that keyword. Again, that is awesome information to have when it comes to setting your own ads up in your campaign.



Google Ambush Reviews: The Product Finder

December 29, 2008

The first part of the new Google Ambush software package is the product finder feature. Within the product finder tab, there are four links that you can click on:

·         Favorites

·         Browse

·         Search

·         Video

When clicking on the favorite link, another window will open that has links to:

·         Find new products

·         Recommended and approved products

·         Save feature

When you click on the find new products link, you are taken to a page that has a search box where you can enter in different types of search criteria. The keyword research is the top field and when you type in a keyword, whether it’s a one word or long tail keyword, you will get back several results from the Clickbank marketplace.

You can then sort by popularity in ascending or descending order which allows you to sift through the clutter and focus only a handful of products that you might be interested in promoting.

Once you zero in on a few products you have the ability with the software to extract some more valuable information. Just like in Clickbank you have access to information like $/sale, total $/sale, %/sale, %/refund and the gravity. However, in addition to that information you also have access to the changes in the gravity for the past day, week and month which gives you more information on whether that particular product is a winner or not. This is a feature that is not available within the Clickbank marketplace.

There is also a “Product quality checklist” feature that gives you the ability to score each sales page of the products that you might be interested in promoting. There are six different check points:

·         Sales copy

·         Graphics

·         One time offer

·         Exit offer

·         Auto responder

·         Bonus’

The more qualities a sale page has, the better the chances of you making money with an affiliate product. For example; if you’re looking at a product that has five out of six of the above qualities, chances are that you’ve found a winner. Obviously there are some other points that need to be considered like gravity and earned per sale.

But the point is this…this gives you another tool that you can use to find a winner up front instead of testing several different products by trial and error. It will also save you time, money and aggravation in the process.

The “browse” feature is another component that I really like. When you click the browse link, it will find the best selling Clickbank products across the whole Clickbank marketplace which is another feature that is unique to the Google Ambush product.

There is also a link for “Recommended and approved products” which will have several products that meet all the major success criteria. In other words, you could literally click on that link, pick one of the products to promote and presto…you have a ready to go winner.

 And finally there is a video that goes into detail on how to use the product finder tool and how to get the most out of that feature. The video is about 20 minutes in length so you can probably imagine the detail of all the information on just one small aspect of the software program.

Google Ambush: 6 Steps To Affiliate Marketing Success

December 28, 2008

Google Ambush is one of the newer products on the market that is designed to streamline several internet marketing venues with one product. It’s an all inclusive “one stop shop” if you will when it comes to the necessary tasks of marketing products on the internet. Personally I’ve used several different internet marketing tools and Google Ambush is a clear winner in my book.

It was designed mainly for the affiliate marketers in the world but one of its features is a keyword research tool. If you’ve done any Google PPC, you know how laborious that job can be. With Google Ambush you have a built in feature that will “cut to the chase” in keyword research.

The software can be broken down into six different categories that all work together in a step by step process. Once you’ve gone through the six steps it’s a simple “rinse and repeat” process. Below are the six different parts of the software.

Part 1: Product Finder


The product finder is the first step in the process. If you’re looking to promote a Clickbank product this piece of software is invaluable. Unlike going to Clickbank to try and find the hot sellers yourself, the Google Ambush software will go out and find the hottest selling products on Clickbank. Talk about a time saver. In a matter of minutes you can have a handful of Clickbank products to promote.

Part 2: Keyword Research


Let’s face it, if you’ve done any keyword research in the past you know how time consuming it can be. Keyword research can make or break you when it comes to marketing with Google PPC. For most people it’s more of the “break it” side of the coin. With the Google Ambush product, keyword research is a breeze as its step two in the process. Again, the software program will streamline your keyword research and save you time and aggravation.

Part 3: Campaign Loader


The next step in the process is the campaign loader. The campaign loader is tied in with your Google account and this is really a big time saver. With the campaign loader, you can upload everything right into your Google account. Imagine how much time and effort that will save you? With the first three steps, you might have an hour invested if you take your time. Once you go through the process a few times you’ll be amazed how fast you can find products to promote.

Part 4: Landing Page Generator


The next step in the program is to create landing pages. First of all, the pages are all hosted for free with the program and you can create as many as your little heart desires. But the truth of the matter is this…your landing page is a critical part in your internet marketing needs whether you’re an affiliate or marketing other products. Imagine how much time and aggravation you’ll save by having access to the creation and hosting of all the landing pages you can think of?

Part 5: Tracking Tools


Tracking is such an important aspect of your marketing efforts and you can rest assured that you’ll be able to track your results with the tracking tools within the program. Not only that, but you’ll be able to “scale” your efforts to increase your ROI. We all know how important it is to widen the gap between what you spend on PPC adds versus the amount of sales you make. With the Google Ambush tracking tools you’ll be able to squeeze the most out of your campaign efforts.

Rinse & Repeat


It’s time to go back to step one and start all over again. Like I said, once you do this a few times you can go through the whole process in a couple of hours or less. If you really wanted to “sniff test” several products at once, you’ll have no problem achieving that goal within a short period of time.

The product also comes with several video tutorials that walk you step by step through the whole process so you can see and hear how the program works. In addition to that when you purchase the product, there are several free bonus items that you’ll receive.

Google Ambush is truly an awesome product and if you’re looking for a software product that will streamline your marketing efforts then this is a product that you should take a seriously look at.


Google Ambush Now!

December 18, 2008

If you’re sick of being barred from the Google profit bonanza just like we were, we’re going to give you a big, bright hope right here. More details in a minute, but the short version is this…we figured it out.

We dug into all the complexity. We discovered all the little tricks that mean the difference between utter frustration and mind blowing success. And then we realized the problem…

It was too hard!

Google and the other tools you need to use have lots of moving parts. Learning what those are and how to use them takes time. It took us months of labor. But you won’t have to go through that pain, because we’ve taken all the work out of it

After 12 months of work and $100,000 to pay programmers, we’ve created the simplest “click here” software you’ll ever see for ambushing Google and bending the money machine to your will.

This is the software everybody wants, but nobody’s been able to get, because we’ve kept it under wraps.

It’s the simple way to avoid all the grunt work mere mortals normally have to do when they set up an ad campaign—find keywords that don’t stink, tweak their keyword bids, and all the rest.

This groundbreaking software (brand new to the market) is based on something so simple it’ll shock you…


Without A System, You’re Sunk


Go ahead and try reinventing the wheel. We did. It cost us thousands of dollars.

You need a simple system that works. That’s exactly what Google Ambush is… a ruthlessly effective system already set up and ready to go. Think of it like a profit factory—flip the switch and start cranking out the paychecks.

The System is Simple:

Step 1:
Find a profitable niche. Not just any niche. You need one that will line your pockets.
Step 2:
Pick keywords with laser-like precision. It’s not enough to slap together a set of 1,500 loosely related junk keywords. That’s how to go bankrupt. You need the cream of the crop, and that means you have to know how to find them.
Step 3:
Fire up your PPC Factory. This is really the “secret sauce”. You need to be able to target the best converting keywords with killer ads based on the ones already raking in huge profits on Google.
Step 4:
Generate your landing page automatically. Online advertising is a science. If your landing page isn’t up to snuff, Google will slap you senseless by knocking your ads down and charging you crazy money to make them recover.
Step 5:
Track your performance. Think of PPC as a series of guesses. You have to refine your approach as you learn more. Specifically, you have to know which keywords put the most money in your pocket so you can focus on them. But this tracking needs to be automatic, not manual, or you’ll pull your hair out trying to do it when you need to.
Step 6:
Do it AGAIN. Once you’ve done it once, the key to creating jaw-dropping profits is to do it again… and again… and again.


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